Fertility Yoga with SJ

Suitable for all those going through natural fertility or with use for IVF cycles

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Fertility Yoga

My gentle classes will allow you to connect with your womb space and clear the mind to release stress, anxiety and improve blood flow to the reproductive organs and balance hormones.

Fertility Yoga is suitable for all those going through natural fertility or with use for IVF cycles and the classes are a welcoming and safe space to meet others who may be going on the same journey as you.

These classes are also useful for anyone wanting to reconnect with their cycles and assist with hormone balancing even if not trying for a baby.

Fertility Yoga Wokingham

If you would like a more specific tailored class for your cycles, I can do one to one sessions. Please get in touch if this is something you would like to discuss.

Fertility yoga course is suitable for every fitness level, whether you’ve practiced yoga before or are brand new.

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Having been on a rocky road to parenthood myself, I found that fertility yoga helped to get both my mind and my body in the right place.

Having previously taken part in bootcamps and hot yoga multiple times a week, I found it hard when I had to reduce my high impact activity in order to help with my fertility. However, fertility yoga still allowed me to do some of the yoga postures I loved and helped me to reduce my high adrenaline levels.

Fertility Yoga Wokingham
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Please note that nobody can ever make you a guarantee that something you try will definitely lead to a positive pregnancy, nor can anyone ever promise a short timeline for a positive pregnancy.

Small changes to your lifestyle, including your mindset and stress levels, will get you into a good space for improving fertility and general health. I’m not here to make claims that fertility yoga will instantly lead to pregnancy. I am here to support you on your journey and am very passionate about offering a safe place for women to talk and build a supportive community for a subject that is rarely discussed with others.

I always found talking to people helped me and I am here to offer an ear, a hug, a cuppa and some restorative, balancing yoga x

If you find it difficult to get to classes or would prefer to do some home practice, I also have an online fertility package available to purchase. You can use these classes instead of, or alongside the in person classes.