SJ's Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha yoga classes are considered gentle yoga with classes focussing on static poses and a slow flow.

Hatha Yoga

Seniors Yoga Classes

These classes are a slow flow, more relaxed vibe, suited for those with less mobility and perhaps not ready for a full Hatha class.

Seniors Yoga

Fertility Yoga Classes

These gentle classes will allow you to connect with your womb space and clear the mind to release stress, anxiety and improve blood flow to the reproductive organs and balance hormones.

Classes will be suitable for all those going through natural fertility or with use for IVF cycles.

Fertility Yoga

I am brand new to yoga, and started classes with SJ about a month ago. Her instructions are well paced and easy to follow, and we are already learning a good variety of yoga positions and sequences. SJ is an amazing teacher, making it very fun and interesting. It is challenging for flexibility and balance but enjoyable because it is so relaxing. I feel a difference already. It is a brilliant way to clear your mind of all the daily stresses!


Sarah is an amazing yoga teacher and her classes are well structured and she provides lots of instruction throughout her classes. She is very easy to listen too and I always leave her classes feeling nice and relaxed.


I am fairly new to yoga and I can honestly say I felt so relaxed and in safe hands with Sarah-Jane. She has such a calming voice and manner, and I felt amazing after my session. Her passion for yoga and wellness shines through and I highly recommend her.